You have reached the online home of inveterate oddball Eamon Abraham O'Connor. I'm writer and technologist with an interest in plucking stories from the bramble of systems - technological, political, cultural and otherwise - that make up the human habitat.

As you may have noticed, this site is very much a work in process. Most sites would put an "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" page up, which I have always considered an affront to healthy curiosity much like the hunter green plywood that developers are required to put up around constructions sites. And then they have to go and cut the little diamond shapes into the plywood, and cover those up with clear plexiglass, which you can never see through because it's scratched or covered with spraypaint or at such an odd angle. I'd prefer it if they just left the whole thing open so that visitors could have a clear channel through which to offer constructive criticism "You missed a spot!" and so forth.

The site has five pages. Allow me to summarize each:

HOME: Like most home pages, this page serves no special function apart from providing a broad introduction to the topic at hand, which in this case is me, or an HTML representation of me, which amounts to the same thing. You can also find links to my email, Twitter account, and resume, below.

WORK: This is a portfolio page, containing a few highlights of my work to date.

BLOG: (Under construction) Once completed, this will be a blog, which is does wonders for your personal brand, I'm told.

SKILLS: I don't really knkow what the deal is with this one.

DUJOUR: The content of this page changes daily, offering readers an array of pseudo-reasons to return again.